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Personalized Etched Baking Dish

Personalized Etched Baking Dish

You've just been POISONED!

At Story Books and Fairy Tales, we know just how important your supplies are. Whether it's crafting, knitting, or baking, we know that things get lost, left behind, and sometimes permanently 'borrowed'. For these times, it's a great idea to have your items personalized. We offer personalized baking dishes, along with other unique glass gifts. From glass block snowmen to a mean ole' Grinch, we have something for everyone.

Personalized Etched Baking Dishes

Personalized Etched Baking Dishes are great for those who love to take food to parties, welcome their new neighbors, or send their sick relatives a nice meal to help them feel better. Buy one for yourself, but these also make great gifts! So, the next time you go to a bridal shower, get a monogrammed 9x13 or 9x9 baking dish to make those first-year dinners a little more edible. If that's not your style, write a little bit of encouragement or wisdom that will stay with them for the years to come.

Know a friend that's soon to be a grandma? We have specialty sayings just for them! Sayings like, "Spoiled by Grandma," "Something Sweet," and "From Grandma's Kitchen." We all know that every grandma 'needs' a reason to spoil her grandbabies!

Unique Glass Block Creations

If you've ever seen a glass block and think, "There has got to be another use for this." You aren't alone! We've created a variety of decorations using glass blocks, Christmas lights, and vinyl. You may have noticed that many of our glass block creations are themed toward Christmas, but don't be dismayed! There are plenty of other creations we can make—like pumpkins, monogrammed, school-themed, and other animals—to keep with your decor all year round. Just ask us about the different themes and creations we can make for you!

Ordering Personalized Etched Baking Dishes and Unique Glass Block Creations

Ordering Personalized Etched Baking Dishes and Unique Glass Block Creations is easy. Just give us a call and we'll make one of these up for you in no time. We do offer some of these products ready-made, however, many of them are made-to-order. If you'd like to place an order call Jillian at (513) 620-1695.

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